Real & Wonderful Stories

Real & Wonderful Stories

Compiled by: Abdurahim bin Mizhir Almalki


     My mother’s brother was married to a lady who was raised Muslim. She had been my “aunt” from the time I was born until around age five, when she was divorced from my uncle. My father and mother also got divorce when I was five. After both divorces my father and aunt remained friends and kept in contact.


Martinique (an island in the Caribbean Sea) Name of sender: (Withheld) - Martinique

I'm 16 years old and it's going to be 3 months old In Sha Allah I've converted to Islam, and I love religion so much I'd like to learn more about it. In Sha Allah, for the moment I learn religion as I can secretly on social networks or on the internet in sites that are reliable sources because my parents are not aware of my conversion but it will never be the same as learning religion with a book, that's why when I heard about your site that sends books on religion for free to help reconverted or non-Muslims I told myself Allahu Akbar and Al Hamdu Lilah there is always good people on land, I hope that you will understand me and that you accept me because by Allah I have no books for the moment and I cannot afford to buy them, I thank you already in advance or case where if you read my message In Sha Allah, that ALLAH Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala greatly rewards you for all that you do, AMIN. 

Name of sender: (Withheld)