Rabi Padhiali - India

As-salamu alaikum

we have received the books.Thank you


Rabi Padhiali - India


Assalam Alaykum,
I write in appreciation to the books you sent to me. I find them all useful and they have been a good resources for my da'wah career. Also, i have been sharing them with people around me. May Allah (SWT) enrich you in wealth,wisdom & understanding, and grant you the rewards in this world & hereafter, Amin.
  I am a 19yr old male and am totally interested in da'wah and believe knowledge is my power. I urgently need resource books and refrence materials. I will be happy and ever grateful if you can provide some. May Allah(SWT) bless you as you help in His course. 
  My address is,


                          jazakumullahu khayran.

Abdullah - Philippines

Wa Alaikumus Salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

           Alhamdulillah, I have received the books yesterday afternoon, shukran jazila. I started reading/scanning the contents of the books you sent to me and I really found them very interesting and useful not only for my personal spiritual growth but for my quest to spread Islam in my little way. In our school, we offer Arabic Language and Islamic Values (ALIVE) classes to Muslims and non-Muslim pupils so rest assured that these materials will be of use. I also do counseling to the parents in school that's why I requested some reading materials about family particularly  in the Islamic point of view. 

           May ALLAH Subahana wa Ta'Allah bless you, your family, and the entire Muslim communities.

Respectfully yours,

Abdullah - Philippines



Maliha - Bangladesh

 Prof. Abdullah Abu-Eshy,

Walaikum Assalam,

I am very glad myself to inform you that I have received the books I signed up for Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward all the benevolent donors and you immensely for doing such a praiseworthy task feesabilillah. May Allah accept from all of you and from us. May Allah unite us in Jannah. I am extremely happy to have received the books Ma-sha-Allah. I can't express my happiness here. In fact, I have received more than I signed up for. May Allah bless you all immensely and May you all earn His Pleasure. Ameen. 

Take care, Fee amanillah

Maliha - Bangladesh   


Nabila - Spain

Assalamu Alaikum,

 Respected Prof. Abdullah Abu-Eshy,

 Assalamu Alaikum,

I m so happy to notify you that I have receive the parcel, and I will gave here in Spain to the people  who they are really needing to know our religion , and some of them they are new Muslims and they need to know more and more about Islam ,and here its not easy to find like these good books. thanks a lot for you great work.

Nabila - Spain


Lisa - Canada

assalamu ''alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, I want to thank you for providing people like me to have access to learn and read more about Islam. Alhamdu lillah I reverted to Islam a little over one year ago at the age of 39 .. i am the first in my family/friends here to ever accept Islam and as a single mom for most of 14 years now i am hoping in sha Allah to get my children on the correct path, and for us all to gain more understanding and knowledge and in sha Allah bring us closer to Allah .. jazakallahu khayra for all that you are doing, and may Allah grant all of you involved in this the highest in jannah Ameen :) wa''alaykumus-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Lisa - Canada



Adem - Serbia

Dear brothers in Islam,

Wa alaikumussalam, 

I just wanted to let you know that today I finally received the package with the books inside. I'm really happy I finally got them and just wanted to send you this to let you know that your donors' kindness wasn't a waste of time and money. Thank Allah for having you for my brothers, even though we don't know each others and thank you and your donors for this kind act. May Allah bless all of you who work on this project and give you the best reward on Dunya and Akhirah, too. 


Adem - Serbia  

Brenda - United States

Assalymu Alakium,

I have received my books today. I am very excited to read them all. Thank you very much for this opportunity to have received these books. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have given these books to read about Islam and how to pray.
Thank you

Brenda - USA

Sean - United States

I am researching Islam and would like to thank you for this great site I'm trying to find what religion I belong in and this will be a great help to me thank you.

Sean - USA

Sally - United Kingdom

Dear Abha Cooperative Centre 

         Thank you for sending the gift of the books to me , they reached me in perfect condition and were a pleasant surprise this morning .I will enjoy reading them and to understanding more about Islam .

Thank you very much

Kind regards .....

Sally - UK