Kayenne - Brazil


I would like to thank you for all the books you had sent me about Islam. They will help me a lot to learn about Islam and I'll also improve my knowledge and teach my friends and borrow them some books. Thank you again for your patience, attention and care for sending me everything.

May the Lord bless you and keep helping others like you helped me.

Have a nice day.

May the peace of God be upon you.

Kayenne - Brazil


I'Esha - United States

Assalama alaikoum To my Brothers and Sisters,

      I just found the letter with this email address while reading on of the wonderful books you sent me. Sorry for the delay in sending this.

     What a wonderful surprise I found in my mailbox from Dr. Abdullah Abu Eshy. As a new revert in search of a local Ummah, masha Allah to find one on the other side of the world.  The books that were sent have been very helpful, especially the ones on women's rights. Jazak Allah khair for having this program of sending helpful reading materials for new reverts.  I have read three of them so far and I feel my Imaan is growing stronger each day. I will make sure to keep them in my library and to share with others in sha Allah. I love you all for the sake of Allah subhana wa a'tala.

"How may I brighten your day?"

I'Esha - USA


TAIWO - Luxembourg







Raminta - Lithuania

I was born as a Christian but these past years I have been very interested in Islam. I would be really happy to receive some brochures or books about Islam to study it more. Thank you.

Raminta - Lithuania

Sarah - United Kingdom

became Muslim in February, 2011 and now married to a wonderful man from Palestine. We are helping others to come to Islam and giving them links and books we have to help them.

Sarah - UK

 Leroy - Canada

Salaam Alaikum Brothers I am a new Muslim and am looking for books to expand my knowledge. I have picked up a lot of booklets from our Mosque and am hungry for more knowledge Inshallah this will help me. If I have picked one and you think another will serve me better please email me and we can switch it if I don’t have it. Salaam

 Leroy- Canada

Lisa - Canada

I just wanted to thank you for the books that you sent to me :)  They arrived today and I am thrilled!  I wanted to make sure that the donors know that it is very much appreciated.  

     I am low income and have qualifications in medical administration.  With the economy as it is, it's hard to get work when a person doesn't have related work experience to go with the qualifications.  It has helped me in learning what's important in life, as well as a couple friends that are Muslim.  We don't discuss religion, but I am in awe of my one friend.  She glows with a sense of peace and happiness.  She's had quite a life before moving to this country yet she doesn't have bitterness about what's happened in her past.  She's an inspiration to me.  I am also glad of tv being a positive influence as well-Little Mosque on the Prairie and East Enders bring light to Islam and and brings about questions and open discussion to learn about this beautiful religion.  

Thanking you again for the books!

Lisa Canada


Muhammad Y. Al-Kharrat - Canada

Assalamu Alaikum,

This is to confirm that today I got all the books you have sent( two parcels). I went through them and they are excellent books that I am going to share with the mosque and the Islamic Center in the city of my area.

Jazakum Allahu Kharian.


Muhammad Y. Al-Kharrat - Canada


Abdullah - India

Walekum assalam wa rehmatullah hi wa barkatahu

Alhamdulilah, I received the study material for Islam today. I am really very happy and grateful to Allah. I didn't expect the shipment service to be that fast. May Allah bless the donors of this project with The Highest Paradise. Ameen.

May Allah guide us all to the straight path. Ameen.

Assalam walekum wa rehmatullah hi wa barkatahu

Abdullah Umar (Suryakiran Vanapalli)

Servant of Allah

P.S. - Please pray that Allah gives hidaayat to my parents and brother also. Ameen.

Allah hafiz

Abdullah - India




Sarah - United Kingdom

Wa alaikum salaam Prof. Abu-Eshy

Alhamdulilah my books arrived safely today! I am so touched and happy especially to find additional books! Thank you so much for providing this service.

I converted to Islam in 2009 and have recently found out Allah has blessed me with a child alhamdulilah. The knowledge gained through the books in sha Allah will help guide me and my child. I am thrilled to have received more books than I requested, in particular The Quran Translated which I shall pass on to my non Muslim family, in sha Allah they embrace the true beauty of Islam.

May Allah bless you, your family and all the donors for your time and generosity.

Thank you again.

Yours gratefully

Sarah – UK