Susan - United Kingdom

I received the parcel from Doctor Abu Eshy a couple days ago. JazakAllah for sending it to me. I just seen the leaflet to reply and email address it was inside a book. I am so grateful for the books, especially the manner performing prayers and the hard back copy and even the quran is so small but convenient to read and take with me anywhere if I want to read it. This will all make the insight to Islam grow which I can inform other non muslims about too. I Appreciate this all very much. Prayers to all who have donated this to me.

From Susan -UK

Jessica - Australia

Jazak Allah for the books. In our city we have a ''sisters house'' which is used to house Muslim women in need as well as provide a safe friendly environment for all Muslim women in the area to have meetings and get togethers. It is run by a small group of women mostly reverts and is 100% non profit. It also has lessons for beginners in Islam as well as reverts family or any female interested in Islam. Mash Allah it is a lovely group and has provided a great service to our local Muslim community and united all the sisters. As they have to pay rent and all expenses for the group they are always having fundraisers and have little money. If u could send the house a copy of all the books in sha Allah they would be used to help a lot of women and there families struggling to understand why thier daughters have chosen to revert to what seems to them to be an oprressive religion. The books would be out to good use and free for any women in the community to read at thier lessure. Please email me if this seems like something u could do. Salam alikum

Jessica – Australia



Andrew - United States

As salam wa lakum my name is karim shakur and i am currently in prison in georgia and unable to buy my own books so your service is very apprecated may allah reward you all for your efforts of charity.

Andrew - USA

Fathima - Sri Lanka

Assalamu Aleikum Warahmatullahi wa Barakathuhu, Dear Brother/Sister in Islam, I am a lady doctor just passes out from medical school.I want to learn more about how i can work withing the limits of sharia in my chosen field.Please help me by recommending any other book that may be valuable to me.May Allah swt bless you immensely for this grea form of dawah you are doing.Jazakallah hu Khair.

Fathima - Sri Lanka

A. Zatloukalova - Czech Republic

Assalamu Alaiktun W arahmatullah,

I am very pleased to confirm You that I have received the books which You offered. I feel very happy for your kindness of sending me more pieces ofbooks than I requested. I would like that these books could help not only me to deepen my fuith and knowledge about Islam, but maybe some other people from our small Muslim community in the Czech Republic, INS HALLAH. :)

Thank You once more.

Yours sincererly

A. Zatloukalova - Czech Republic



Karim - Sweden

Salaam Alaykom wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh

The books you have sent me have today arrived safely and in excellent conditon to my home here in Sweden. BaarakAllahu feekom my lovely brothers, may Allah reward you ameen.

Karim – Sweden

Sito - United States

Dear Sir, Can you send me also Quran and books to know about God. Bible and Quran science Message· bearing true witness the amazing Quran of Gary miller And 1 book of end of times .. Topic of Return of  ·Jesus Christ and Dajjal etc Thank you I am born Christian, but left the faith. Now I think there should be a God.

Sito -USA

Valery - Russian Federation

Dear friends, thanks for the books on Islam I have received from you! The parcel sucessfully reached me.

Loving to read, I would be glad to receive more books on Islam, especially dealing on the subject of controversity with Christian beliefs. And also tafsirs on the Quran. If you can please advise me where I can get them in printed form free of charge - I would be very glad for your help.



Valery  - Russia

Khadijah - United Kingdom

asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

jazakum Allahu khayran have received your beautiful may you have the highest reward with Allah,subhanahu wa t'ala from sister khadija may I ask you to kindly make dua for my daughter n my family whom Allah has not yet guided into Islam.


Amina - Panama

Assalam alaikom wa rahamullahi wa barakatuh

Jazakallah khair for the books .

Amina – Panama