Khadijah - United Kingdom

asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

jazakum Allahu khayran have received your beautiful may you have the highest reward with Allah,subhanahu wa t'ala from sister khadija may I ask you to kindly make dua for my daughter n my family whom Allah has not yet guided into Islam.


Amina - Panama

Assalam alaikom wa rahamullahi wa barakatuh

Jazakallah khair for the books .

Amina – Panama


Lenka N aouali - France

"As- salem alaykom, thank U for the beautiful books you've send to me. I wish all the best for you and I pray for you to Allah Almighty

F i amani Allah"

Lenka N aouali - France

Mohd - India

As Salaam Allaykum Wa Rahmatullah


how Are You sir?

I learned from a brother regarding getting free da'wah literature, if its true, then you will be helping me in great deal may Allah grant you best return.

send me some Islamic books in English for my class as its my final year of engineering college, so we planned a send off program, where we arranged some lectures as well sharing past experience session, in which I will  be delivering 20 minutes lecture, covering various points regarding the need and essential of embracing ISLAM. so please send me books for the 60 classmates and 10 teacher's stat( 1 principal Which I wants to distribute among all the staff members, the Principal teachers and students, as I was continuously trying to invite them to Islam, but now I wants to gift the literature alongside the lecture, so that their should not be any claim that we did not tried to invite them for Islam

 Mohd - India


Amatullah - Saudi Arabia

Wa alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh:

And may blessings be showered upon all of you as well. We pray that Allah allows us to allows cooperate in khayr to the best of our abilities always, ameen.

Amatullah - Jeddah

Linda - Ireland

Dear Brother/Sister

Many thanks for your kindness in sending me the parcel of books which I received this morning. What a lovely and kind surprise and a very much appreciated one.

Many many thanks,

Linda - Ireland.



Sabrina - Canada

Wana convert to Islam

Stephen - United States

Assalam alaikum

Thank you for the books. I received them yesterday morning. And now I can read up more on my religion  and grow my faith.



Lucia - Czech Republic

Salam aleykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, I’m so happy to find a web site like this, may Allah bless u all. I already got some books from you, but if its not a problem i would like to have these new too, but of course I don’t know if i may ask u for this. So if its not possible then its really ok.

maa assalama


Lucia - Czech republic

Wajahat - India

Assalaamu Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Bawakaatuh!!

Sir, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah i received the parcel, in which there's invaluable books, may ALLAH Subhaanahoo Wa Ta'ala shower His choicest blessings on whole your unit for providing authentic literature ..In one of the book, I got the reciept, so shall i call/post the reciept back to the donor or is this mail enough??

may ALLAH SWT have mercy on Dr A. Abu-Eshy, and his family and his organisation, who are involved in such a noble work.

its really a pleasant Gift, Alhamdulillah, though i mailed, requested, called many organizations asking for Da'wah Literature on behalf of Our ITP [Invitation Towards Peace] group, which is actively and regularly doing Da'wah work in india ... specially in the city of Aurangabad.

As in India, there are a vast majority ofNon-Muslims, as well the those are muslims are far behind and uneducated, involved in grave worship, blindly following scholars ... so there's a really a great need for Da'awah of Quran and Hadith.

Alhamdulillah, insha Allah, your gift will surely prove a very useful tool in giving da'awah as well circulating these literaute ... iam really thankful to whole unity.

I would like to place one more request, that if possible, do keep sending same, similar or some other Da'wati literature to the same address i mentioned earlier, as I had requested in the past as well, we are a group of more than 25 students, mostly engineering students, and 2 professional Doctors, and 2 engineers, 1 lecturer.

but, as the majority is of students, and the professionals also doing their best, still facing the scarcity of literature, doing da'wah,  we wants to request you further, that if possible, may ALLAH make it provisions for u ... send more such help!!

--jazakallahu khairan kaseerah!!


Wajahat- India