Daramola Ayo - Nigeria

I appreciate your effort at making it possible for people to have access to islam through you.

I have just beggin to associate myself with some muslim worshiper because I am just a new begginer in islam. I dont have a quoran to read please kindly send one to me because I was a christian before now and I am seriously being persecuted for the change .  Kindly assist me to know more about islam and prophet mohammed in detail.


Please any help you can render to me shall be appreciated because I am already forsaken by my people, in fact feeding is a bit difficult not to talk about the clothing and shelther.  It is some people that are currently assisting me financially and other wise secretly. 


Please and Please I dont want to be frustrated to go back again. please help me with the quoran and other possible assistance.



Daramola Ayo

Melanie - Pakistan

I am sending this email to acknowledge that Maria Rafi from Pakistan has received the books. The reason I am sending this on her behalf is because the books were meant for her sister in law and friend, which is me. I am a recent convert and these books came at a perfect time. I can't thank you enough for this great gift. I pray that Allah rewards you and all the donors for this great generosity. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Best Regards,

Your new sister in Islam

Lucien - France

Salamalicoum, thank you very much for sending me the books, I am very heureux. Milles times thank you to you for helping me to direct me to the right you garde. Merci chemin. Que Allah.

Lucien - France

Malano Mai - Philippines

Bismillahirahmanirraheem and Assalamu''alaikum Dear sir, We are knocking your good heart to please send us Islamic books for our upcoming mini Islamic Library, Inshaa Allah. This library will be open to public especially for the Muslim youth who are craving for Islamic knowledge but do not have Islamic reference books to read. We don''t have Islamic library & Islamic bookstore in our town that is why it’s hard for us to gather Islamic books. Alhamdulillah, I came across with your site and saw the FREE BOOKS offer. This is a blessing from Allah and the answer to my prayer. Maybe, you are the instrument of Allah who can help us for the realization of our Islamic library project, Inshaa Allah. We are really in need of Islamic books because school libraries are dominated by western books with corrupted ideologies, as a result Islamic ignorance became rampant among the youth today. I am looking forward for your positive reply.

Thank you and wassalam.

Your sister in faith, 

Malano Mai

Ewelina - United Kingdom

Salamu Alykum

I am very grateful for all these books I get them yesterday. With pleasure I will read them at my new life with Islam . I hope that I will became very good Muslim.


Regards Ewelina – Scotland

Jason - United States

I am a Christian looking to convert to Islam.  Thank you for this information.  If you wish to contact me, please do so via email.


Jason - USA

Emily - United States

I am looking for books for my best friend who wants to be Muslim but is kinda scared. They know some things but are trying to make sure that Islam is the right religion. I''m a new convert so I don''t have a lot of the things they need. Thank you sooooooo much for your help. Ramadan Mubarak

Emily - USA

Chennel Fielding - United States

5,6,18,17,24 are the books I would really love to have if I cannot recieve all I have selected. I am a new shahadah that's has just converted january 2nd,2015 and im am in need of more knowledge to understand my deen. If there are anything that' you may feel will be also helpfull may allah bless you! Also if you may have any information on where to get an abyah please help with as well if possible.
Thank you so much insha allah your gratitude will not go unnoticed

Chennel - USA

Sarah Watson - United States

I am a new convert to Islam, and I am in need of literature to me and help me with my new faith in islam, because I am feeling alone in it and a bit lost, but I long to grow in my new faith in Islam.

Sarah - USA

Ashley Brown - United States

I am new to Islam and I am still searching for guidance. I am struggling and im seeking help. Thank you very much.

Ashley - USA