Paul - United Kingdom

Asalmu Alaikum Brothers

Today I received a parcel from Dr A.Abu-Eshy and I hope that he will read this and be aware of my immense gratitude for his kindness to a new brother in Islam.

I said Shahada two months ago over the phone to a brother in London I discovered on the internet.

I am 78 years old and became disillusioned with my religion Christianity many years ago but continued to pay lip service to the church without feeling any kind of faith in what I was doing.

Because of the continuing negative reports in the media about this 'terrorist' religion I decided to discover more about Islam on the internet. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the words of brothers and sisters who recorded their thoughts in videos and text and quickly discovered that many of the things I inwardly believe to be rightful were in fact an integral part of Islam and after talking and e mailing a brother decided that I must take Islam to my heart.

I live in an isolated Cornish village in England and with the help of e mails to a brother I have been finding my way slowly into the faith.

I am the head of a large family, being a father grandfather and great grandfather and although they are not aware of my reversion they have already noticed how much calmer and happier I am. When I feel more certain of myself and with the strength and will of Allah I will explain to my family the truth of Islam. lnshallah .

I expected to receive a few pamphlets not the wonderful store of books you have sent.

I already have my own copy of the Holy Qur'an and will keep the beautiful volume you have sent me and present it to my eldest son when I feel the time is right.

Thank you from my heart for the books.

I have already discovered I am not performing Wabu correctly and now know 'lat is rightful



Paul Howard- UK 

Michael Neary - United States

Assalamu Alaikum
I did get the package and I am very grateful.  I am ready to pronounce Shahadah and reaffirm my faith in Allah (swt)
Michael Neary   - USA


Sheen - India

Dear Sir/Mam, I am glad to know about this site. I am sheen brought up like a christian but who love to convert to Islam. I would like to know when i will get my order. Thanks a lot for your kindness to send free copies. Thanks a lot.


Sheen - India


Danielle Easterbrook - United Kingdom

Salamulakim. Thank you so so much for these books they came to me yesterday. They are amazing and are really going to help me to convert. May Allah bless you massively !!! 

Sister Danielle Easterbrook - UK


Solarvia - Mexico

As salam Aleykum Wa Rahmatulah Wa Barakatuh

 Respected Brother / Sister I just write this email to inform you that I received this November the parcel with my books, I’m so pleased and thankful with you all, may Allah bless you all and increase their blessings inshaallah,

Jazak Allah Khair .

Thank you I love my books all of them.

Ashadu An La Ilaha Illa Allah, Wa Ashadu Anna Muhammadan Rasul-llah ๑۩۞۩

Arq. Leticia Castro Huitron Mennat Allah Muhammad

Solarvia  - Mexico


Billy - United States

wa alaikum assalam,

Thank you for sending the books. I am a new Muslim I converted on February 3, 2012. These books will help me out a lot since there are no mosques or any Muslims in my area. 

 Thanks again, 


Billy - USA


Abdul Kareem - United Kingdom

Asalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullaah

 Al Hamdulillaah today I recieved your parcel of Islamic and Arabic books.

 My wife and I are both reverts and endeavouring to raise and educate our two children according to the Qur'aan and the Sunnah in non-ideal surroundings in the UK, and so this resource pack will be of significant value to our entire family as none of us are fluent in Arabic yet. 

 We very much appreciate this gift.  May Allaah Aza wa Jal reward you for your endeavours.  JazakAllaah khayrun wa BarakAllaah feekum.

 Wasalaam alaykum            

Abdul Kareem

Katie - United Kingdom

Aslaam alikum, I want to revert to islam and just researching on the Internet for the basic information ;) and I came across this website and I thought it was so nice for you to help people out with books ect :) thank you

Katie – England

Vicky - United Kingdom

Walakum salaam,

I am so happy and proud to be a Muslim and I have met so many amazing people who are always so willing and helpful and inviting and this is what the ummah is/should be about. It is a beautiful religion and without Allah’s guidance to this path and the knowledge I have been able to gain I would not be able to appreciate what Islam really is.

However all praise to Allah!

And for all the people who have helped me and continue to help me.. may Allah reward them.

And for all the work you do and the people you help I will keep you all in my prayers.
I truly enjoy reading and appreciate you sending me some more books, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and I look forward to reading them inshallah.

Jazak Allah for all your help!

Vicky - UK


Maria Fernanda - Colombia

Salam alaykum respected brother Dr. Abdullah Abu-Eshy. 


Thank you for your kind words. And I can't thank the benevolent donor enough for the amount of books that were sent to me. I have already began to read and I am very happy to learn more every day about the true path. 


The only book that I am missing is the Holy Quran. I know there are online versions, but I would love to have it in paper so I won't need to spend much time on the computer. A long time ago, a sister in islam showed me a version in arabic of course with the english translation, and it had annotations that seemed really useful in every sura. Can you recommend me any particular version like this? In my country it would be impossible to find considering the muslim population is VERY small. Nevertheless, I would be willing to find a way to purchase it online. Any advise from you would be very useful. God bless you always.


Maria Fernanda B.Q  - Colombia