Vicky - United Kingdom

Walakum salaam,

I am so happy and proud to be a Muslim and I have met so many amazing people who are always so willing and helpful and inviting and this is what the ummah is/should be about. It is a beautiful religion and without Allah’s guidance to this path and the knowledge I have been able to gain I would not be able to appreciate what Islam really is.

However all praise to Allah!

And for all the people who have helped me and continue to help me.. may Allah reward them.

And for all the work you do and the people you help I will keep you all in my prayers.
I truly enjoy reading and appreciate you sending me some more books, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and I look forward to reading them inshallah.

Jazak Allah for all your help!

Vicky - UK


Maria Fernanda - Colombia

Salam alaykum respected brother Dr. Abdullah Abu-Eshy. 


Thank you for your kind words. And I can't thank the benevolent donor enough for the amount of books that were sent to me. I have already began to read and I am very happy to learn more every day about the true path. 


The only book that I am missing is the Holy Quran. I know there are online versions, but I would love to have it in paper so I won't need to spend much time on the computer. A long time ago, a sister in islam showed me a version in arabic of course with the english translation, and it had annotations that seemed really useful in every sura. Can you recommend me any particular version like this? In my country it would be impossible to find considering the muslim population is VERY small. Nevertheless, I would be willing to find a way to purchase it online. Any advise from you would be very useful. God bless you always.


Maria Fernanda B.Q  - Colombia

Elizabeth - United States

I thank you do much for what you are doing. I cant wait to receive these books. i have only recently learned the little i do know about islam but i do know its the truth. I just want to learn more. I just want to be a better muslim.

Elizabeth - USA

Andrea - Ecuador

I want to be a muslim, but I don''t know any muslims on my city and there is not a mosque in my city where I can go, so I would like to receive Quran and islamic books in spanish, I really want to be a muslim.

Andrea – Ecuador

Laila - Australia

Asalamualaikum wa rahmatAllahi wabarakatu My daughter has ordered from this site before and I found that the books She has received were fantastic Alhamdullah. I have a friend who is Spanish that is interested in learning about Islam so I want to get her some books and I immediately thought of Islamunveiled. I am really grateful that you have books in English and Spanish so it will make it easier for her. If there are any books that you recommend for her over a book that I have selected, then please include that book instead. Jazzakum Allah khair

Laila – Australia

Escriva - France

   Bonjour, je tiens a vous remercier pour le don de livres que j'ai reçu. Je tiens a vous remercier sincerement car grace a vous je peux suivre le droit chemin en aprenant a faire la priére et suivre le chemin de la vérité. Il n'y a de Dieu que Dieu et Mohammed est le prophete de Dieu. Que ALLAH vous remercie. Aurevoir.



Hello, I want to thank you for the gift of books that I received. I want to thank you sincerely because thanks to you I can follow the right path to make Learning a prayer and follow the path of truth. There is no God but God and Mohammed is the prophet of God. That ALLAH Thank you. Goodbye.

Charito - United Arab Emirates

Assalamu alaikum!


I am very pleased to tell you that I received the books that you have sent for me, and sorry for informing you about it late - actually i receieved it on 28 August 2014.


And another good news - I have already reverted to Islam just last Friday. No words can describe how much I felt. Well for now, I am doing all my best to be a good muslimah and I need all the help and support. I am practicing a lot on how to properly do the salat, but sadly I am having difficulty memorizing the prayers and kept on making mistakes...last night when I did my Maghrib, I think I did it for about an hour =(

But I know InshaAllah one day I will do it well.


Thank you very much.


Assalamu alaikum!


Charito – UAE

Patel - United Kingdom


Thank you for my books I received very kind of you send them to me. I am going to be converting soon inshallah and the books will help learn May Allah bless you

Patel- UK  


Nick Wilson - United States

To Whom It May Concern;

I am writing to inform you that I did receive my package. Thank you for all of your assistance in helping me find the truth.  I have decided to accept Islam as my way of life... I cannot thank you enough for all your help. Peace and Blessings.
Nick– USA


Mike - United States

I am the Chaplain for the Fayette County Sheriff''s Office. I am requesting Islamic literature for our inmates. Thank You!

Mike– USA