Lida Nasser - United States

Alsalam alikum
I just received 5 books I ordered from a website but I can't remember what the website was. It had this e-mail on the books so I figured you would know. I wanted to thank you first for these amazing books may Allah reward you all and bless you and all of Muslims who follow the path of truth. 
I issued a group on Facebook for Muslim girls here in Dearborn Michigan as we all try our best to learn from each other more about Islam in a community where unfortunately Muslims don't do well teaching their kids and each other about this great religion. 
I think these books can be a great help to us and also will be very beneficial. If you can please just let me know how to get more books for the other members of the group if that's possible and may Allah reward you immensely. 


Lida Nasser – USA

Jennifer Giove - United States

Asalaamu Alaikum,

Dear Brother's and Sisters, I wanted to write and notify you of the arrival of my books. Jazakaallah khair for your generosity at sending more books than I requested. It took two months from shipping date to now for them to arrive but they are a joy!

I should let you know that at one point I received a spam mail telling me that my books had been held up in customs due to unpaid postage and to send the money...equal to about 250 American dollars. I knew better and did not pay anything, thinking that if my books WERE being held hostage, then maybe someone who needed them more would read them.

Thank you so much!

Jennifer Giove, Frederick, Maryland, USA

Fathima Najla - Sri Lanka

Va'alaikkumussalam warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu.

Jazakkallahuhair.Alhamdhulillah.i got the books which you sent me .You are doing a great is so helpful to the students such like me who are interested in dhawa and not willing to get the correct books in correct time.i was afraid due to the delay of the arrival of the books and i applied for the books for the second time.i am sory for that.May Almighty Allah accept your deeds and shower his blessing on you and guide you in right path.

Fathima Najla – Sri Lanka

Rafiuddin - Switzerland

Assalamu Alaykum Dear brother Dr.Abdulah,


I am happy to inform you that today i received the books you sent. Jazakallahi Khairan. Its really great gift and Inshallah i will distribute some of them to my non muslim colleagues.


May Allah bless you.


Barakallahi Fi



Rafiuddin – Switzerland

S. Ilieva - Belgium

As Salam wa alaykom rahmatoe illahi wa barakatoehoe

I'm so gratefull for receiving these books !!! Mashallah !!! You people are great !!! 
I thought I wouldn't get them because of my mistake in filling in the adres. Subhanallah... I went to get them at the postoffice.
Do you have a bank account number?? Maybe I can donate some Zakat, that way other people can have free books too !!! Insha'Allah.

S. Ilieva – Belguim

Besmir Sharka - Italy

Assalamu alaykum dear brother Dr. A. Abu-Eshy,

I just took the books that you sent to me, on 10/11/2010

BarakAllahu fikh for this books.

May Allah help you and the benevolent brothers,

Besmir Sharka - Italy

Asalamu alaykum

Pierre Parenteau - Canada

Dear Brother,
Thanks a lot for the books.  I learned a lot about Islam.
They are great.
Selam Alekum.
Pierre Parenteau – Canada

Salaaams - Uganda

Asalaam alykum,

How are you team,and thanks for the work you do....!
Accordingly, i wish to notify you that the books that were dispatched
to me by post....I received them so safely 10 in number on Monday.
Thank you very much.
And i can asssure you the way am going to understand my religion may
change because all along i was looking for this such literature to
further the knowledge i have for my religion..BARAK'ALLAHU'FIQUM

May Allah you and the generosity of the sponsors so abundantly
Salaaams. – Uganda

Jasmin K. - Austria

Assalam alaikum dear brothers,

I got a few days ago the ordered books from you. May Allah s.w.t. reward you for your effort.

BarakAllahu fikhum

Jasmin K. – Austria

Amran Masillam - Philippines

Assalamu Alaikum!!!!!!!!! Sir i do appreciate the books that you have sent, Thank you very much........  Sir, kindly send me another, if you have books of Ahadith an a holy Qur-an with english translation, it would be better............ May Allah grant you and the benevolent donors a good reward and goodluck!!!

Amran Masillam – Philippines