Combating Terrorism

Combating Terrorism


Dr. Ali S. Awadh Asseri

(Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon)


   While the world religions have piles of records of glorious achievements, there are also examples of the misuse of religion to accomplish selfish goals or distorted objectives. However, the historical religions have shown exemplary resilience to such misuses by re-emerging from these stark periods through the efforts of the faithful. When the noble ideals of Islam are breached, it is, in fact, a breach and betrayal of the tradition that is sacred to its followers. Therefore, such movements, despite their claims, should not be confused with the enduring historical legacy of Islam. There is no reason why religion should become a pretext for fueling conflict, hatred and violence. On the contrary, religious sentiment should be the principal antidote to violence and division. In the current perspective there is a dire need for individuals and religious communities to clearly manifest a complete rejection of violence against another man.

 (To be continued)