Carolanne - United States

I am a convert who wishes to learn more about Islam and implement it in my life. My biggest wish is to have a Quran that I can sit down and read that isn't on my phone as I find it really distracting and tempting to check other things.


Carmona - Philippines

Asalamu alaikum, I was born catholic but I have not been practicing. I have found Muslim friends and started learning about Islam. I just recently bought a Quran, but additional books will help me more understand what Islam really is. I'm also gradually practice being Muslim. But as someone new to Islam, it confuses me sometimes especially with prayers or just where to start. My place has no masjid. So it's hard for me. I only have my online friends which I ask for help often, Alhamdulillah they're very kind and helpful. Thank you if ever I'll be chosen to have this gift.


Bac - France

I am a convert who cannot afford books on Religion, in order to be able to learn more about Islam I wish to read the books, and increase my Faith.


Aggi - United Kingdom

I have recently embraced Islam Alhamdulillah and have started devoting much more time to seeking knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah. I hope with these books I will be able to expand my knowledge of Islam and become a better Muslimah Insha'Allah. May Allah reward you all for your efforts.



Abigail - United States

I reverted about 2 years ago and am still struggling to find more accurate information regarding Islam. I love learning and reading and would greatly benefit receiving these books. Thanks so much for providing them for free.




Agnes - United States

I am very interested to converting to Islam but I have a lot learn and I want to learn from accurate sources and I think these books that your website offers can help me. Thank you!


Abbey - Australia

I am a non muslim seeking guidance and seeking to understand Islam. I have no Muslim community around me nor anyone to ask for guidance, I wish to understand Islam and build a connection to it. I believe these books will help me grasp and comprehend some of what I have been reading and what I have learnt so far.



Lucie - Czech Republic

Assalamu 'Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I received the books some time ago., may Allah reward you and bless you for your help. It's very beneficial mashaAllah. Lucie

Flavia - Brazil

I am not a Muslim but a Christian so I want to receive books that I request because I believe that information is important to respect and to live peacefully with people of different religions of ours. Continue with this work because it is through it that many people will understand the true meaning of Islam.


Fatima - Netherlands

Asslamoe alaikoum warahmatoullahi wabarakaatoeh

I am so  happy to notify you that I received the books I have requested today. That’s very quick.

May Allah reward you for this. I really appreciate it. BaarakAllahu Fiekoum. And djazakaamouAllahu ghairan for the nice present (the reminders for dhikruLlah). This work what you fie saabillie Allah do is really wonderful. I can’t stop thank you for it keep on going.

Fie amaaniLlah.

Wa aliakoum assalaam.

Fatima, a sister from Holland