F Huda - Japan

I would like to say thanks for the books. I am a moslem living in Japan. As a moslem here means become minority. We need to explains many thing about our way of life. This book provide the material in new convert point of view which benefit us and new convert.


I have placed the books you sent in our small musholla, to be read by other moslems and also as material to be discussed with non-moslem especially Japanese.

Once more really appreciate for the books. Jazakumullohu Khoiron Katsiro

F Huda

Gunma University, Japan

Marguerite - United States

If you guy have any other books that you don't mind sending I would be much appreciated. May Allah's mercy shower all who involved in this great program. P.S. my son's and mother love there books, I too have benefited from them.

Marguerite- USA



Michelle - United States

As-salaamu Alaykum, I am currently studying Arabic and found a book at a local masjid for beginner's Arabic and was hoping to find that book online here, as it had a stamp with this url. InshaAllah, if you have that, please send. JazakumAllahu Khayrun.

Giannina - Brazil

Hy there! I’m writing this e-mail with hope that you can help me, I’m a person that never ever before knew about the Islamic Religion … but something amazing happened to me … one month ago I took a taxi to go to my job, in there I found a small book … I took the little book with me, in my break time for lunch, I opened the book and started reading it . it was the Quran … after that day never left that book, I keep it always with me, I learned a lot, I feel my heart touched deeply , something  new happened to my life since that day … I’ll try to get more information about this beautiful religion, but unfortunately here where I live doesn’t exist any place to go to learn, doesn’t have a mosque, I couldn’t foind any Muslim people here.

Please if you could send me some more information about it, about the prayers, about How to be a Muslim I’ll.

Thanks in advance.

I live in Brazil, in small country side, I found your address in the book that I found  inside the taxi.

Tremaine - United States

Thank you very much. I am of no religion But I do believe in God so I''m not atheist. I have read some of Islam and I believe it is correct wanted more information. I was born Christian.

Remi - Canada

I would like to say thank you for the parcel I received today with so many interesting books to read. This was very kind of you to include extra books.  I am looking so forward to reading them.  It is hard to get books like this here where I live. Please thank everyone involved for their generosity and caring. I will be forever grateful.

 Many Blessings to you all.

Duston - United States

Thank you so much! This will be wonderful for our interfaith group''s library!

Cynthia - France

Message:  French: As salam alaykoum, en tant que convertie est n''ayant pas les moyens de m''acheter des livres islamique, je trouve que en avoir gratuitement est vraiment super, j''ai eux beaucoup de retour de soeurs satisfait ! Qu''Allah vous récompense .

EnglishAs salam alaykum, as converted is not having the means to m’’acheter of Islamic books, I find that having free is really great, much I’’ve them return satisfied sisters! Qu’’Allah reward you.

Agnieszka - Poland

As-Salam Alejkum wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuh, 

My name is Agnieszka. I am polish muslim from 5 years. 

I would like to thank you very much for books which i got from you.

I have website www.islam-sunna.pl and I am doing all my best to make dawah in Poland.

I have a lot of books from Egipt in polish language, hamdulilah.

Everybody who want know more about islam can send me massege with address and get books from me.

Is it possible send to me books but in bigger quantity ? Of course I means about books in polish language.

May Allah reward you my brother in islam,

Assalam aleykoum,