Prequisites and Requirements of Salah

By: Dr. Mubarak Ali

3.23.5 Position, Line Formation and Obligations of the Followers

The Position, line formation and obligations of the followers with respect to congregation Salat are reduced to essentially two:

Real & Wonderful Stories

Compiled by: Abdurahim bin Mizhir Almalki

Andew W. Smith

     I was born in a small town in Missouri and was raised a a Baptist, which is still my parent’s faith. What I will say here must not be misconstrued as racist in any way: I am a white Muslim. The reason I wish to state that I am a white Muslim is to dispel the prejudice against Islam that says it only appeals to African-Americans in the United States. Islam was, is, and ever will be for all people; and I am proof that it appeals to white Americans as well as others.


      My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, it is a common fact of existence that each and every living being, each and every breathingorganism has but one ultimate goal. In each and every thing that it does – in its sleep and its wakeful state, in its movement and its rest, in its eating and drinking and socializing – in whatever action that ANY living organism does – animal/man/jinn, Muslim or Non-Muslim, male or female – there is but one ultimate goal. And that goal is to find an inner happiness.