Combating Terrorism

Combating Terrorism


Dr. Ali S. Awadh Asseri

(Former Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon)

     Karen Armstrong, the world-renowned scholar of comperative religions, describes the Qur’an as the most pluralist scripture, as it recognizes all the prophets that came before Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). Given that, Islam has a lot to offer to the people of other religious traditions, especially Judaism and Christianity. They need to understand that the real spirit of Islam revolves around the idea of compassion:


Emily - United Kingdom

As-salamu alaykum,

I came home from work yesterday to the delivery of books that I ordered. They have put a big smile on my face and I am so looking forward to reading and learning more. insha'Allah these books will help me to continue on the right path and increase my knowledge. Once I have read them I will pass them to my family in the hope of bringing the same light Islam has brought into my life, to them.

Thank you so much for your kindness in sending this information for free, may God bless you all.

Emily – UK