Questions on Sects and Schools of Thoughts

Questions on Sects and Schools of Thoughts

Chapter 4: Questions on Sects and Schools of Thoughts


Question 42: What is Islam’s position with regards to nationalism?

Answer 42: It is natural to love one’s country and people, as long as it does not lead to unjust dealings with other nations and peoples.  A Muslim is also expected to show compassion and concern for people outside his country. 

     Nationalism, according to the contemporary proponents implies a kind of identity based on nationhood without reference to religious considerations.  This understanding is clearly false.  Nationalism, tribalism and regionalism had great influence on the lives of the people.  When Islam came it refined these concepts and set rules and regulations to them, these include: no blind allegiance to nationality, race, country, and skin color.  Loyalty is first and foremost to God, and to His prophet and the community of believers wherever they may be.  Love to one’s country must now be defined by the supreme allegiance to God’s religion.