About Us

The Electronic Dawah Project ( EDPr) is a part of the Abha Cooperative Center for Call and Communities and was established in 1997 by Dr. Abdullah Abu Eshy. From humble beginnings it has grown and thrived since its inception, having a positive impact on many people around the world.


The one of the goals of EDPr is to provide books for those who wish to discover and learn about Islam from authentic sources.  We live in a time in which Islam and Muslims are often portrayed in a false light and hope to debunk many of these misconceptions and misnomers. As of today, the EDPr project has sent over 1281302 books to 204 different countries. We have books in over 27 different languages that address a variety of subjects on Islam. Aside from sending out books, EDPr is also involved in providing classes for new Muslims along with events like the yearly course entitled “Approached & Manners In Inviting Others to Islam” which is also broadcasted live to participants from 18 different countries.


How you can help

EDPr is a non-profit organization that mainly relies on the efforts of volunteers and local donations. For those who live within Saudi Arabia and would like to support our programs please contact us via email: info@islamunveiled.org

For those who live outside of the KSA please know that we may only accept donations from those who are living within Saudi Arabia. We kindly ask however that you please make dua for all those involved in our projects and ask Allah to give us success in our endeavors and be sure to pass our link: www.islamunveiled.org to those who are interested in learning about Islam