Prequisites and Requirements of Salah

By: Dr. Mubarak Ali

Summary: How to Perform Two Rak'at of Prayer

1 Have the intention (Neyyah).

2 Perform ablution  (Wudu).

3 Declare the Iqamah.

4 Pronounce the Takbir al-Ihram.

5 Place hands between the naval and the chest; right on left.

6 Recite from Surah Al-An'am, 6:80 and 163; and the Sana.

7 Say the At-Ta-'awuz.

8 Recite Surah Al-Fatihah.

9 Recite additional portions of the Quraan.

10 Pronounce the second takbir and make ruku'.

11 While in ruku', say the prescribed tasbih.

12 Say the benediction upon rising from ruku'.

13 Resume the standing posture.

14 Pronounce the third takbir and go into sajdah.

15 While in sajdah, say the prescribed tasbih.

16 Pronounce the fourth takbir and sit briefly.

17 Recite the istighfar while sitting.

18 Pronounce the fifth takbir and repeat the sajdah.

19 Pronounce the sixth takbir and resume standing immediately.

20 Repeat steps 8 through 18, inclusively.

21 Pronounce the eleventh takbir and sit for the Tashahud in the second rak'ah.

22 While sitting, say the Tashahud*; Salat un-nabi; and then make du'a as desired.

23 Declare the Tasleem. (End of Salat.)

24 Perform zikr and make du'a as recommended.

* If the prayer is more than two rak'at, stand after reciting the Tashuhad only and complete the required number of  raka'at in the usual manner.


Source: The Muslim Handbook (By Dr. Mubarak Ali)

(To Be Continued)