Questions and Answers on Islamic Doctrine

Questions and Answers on Islamic Doctrine

Chapter 1: Belief in Almighty God

Question 01: So long as the three principal religions have emanated from God, why should differences appear as to the essence of God among their adherents?  Why should a Christian or a Jew be required to abandon his religion and adopt Islam?

Answer 01: There is no doubt that the three religions acknowledge one source, God.  They all agree as to the uniqueness, the absolute omniscience and omnipresence of God, to the exclusion of any parallel power to be worshipped.  All agree as to attributing to God all perfection and excluding all defects and blemishes.  Whatever differences may appear is sporadic extraneous, accretions developing over the ages from distortions interpolated by members of both Judaism and Christianity.  Herein came differences as to the essence of God.  The difference, therefore, is between Islam, which God entrusted His prophet with, and other religions which have been distorted and adulterated.  The difference is not between authentic religions, rather, it is between a true religion and others that have been invalidated and turned away.  The latter category has been manipulated by vicious hands which misdirected them.

When we call upon a Jew or Christian to discard his/her religion and adopt Islam, we are in reality asking him/her to revert to the true religion which has been preached by all prophets.  Should an impartial thinker consider Islam in relation to other religions, he/she is bound to acknowledge the radical difference between both categories.  He/she is likely to find in the former the truth and monotheism, while the latter would reveal innovations and polytheism.  Moreover, Islam advocates justice and tolerance, while the others imply racism and discrimination.  In the one there are moral commitment and decency; in the other, disintegration and corruption.

(To be continued)