Questions and Answers on Islamic Doctrine

Questions on Sects and Schools of Thoughts

Chapter 4: Questions on Sects and Schools of Thoughts


Question 32: Where do Jews and Christians stand today?  Do you, Muslims, consider them believers or non-believers?

Answer 32: This question calls for a two-faced answer:

1. Their religious doctrines include a degradation of God’s status, as well as what amounts to insulting Him.  These doctrines imply attributing partners to God, and ascribing to Him human biological qualities such as having an offspring, procreating, getting tired, oblivion, weeping and regretting.  God’s prophets are also degraded by imputing to them major moral defects.  All the above in addition to other contradictory and fabricated issues exist in their books.  To Muslims, whoever holds such beliefs is a disbeliever without doubt.

2. Since the commandment of Muhammad’s prophetic mission, it has become incumbent upon all human beings to believe in his message.  Anyone who has heard the call of Muhammad to embrace Islam and refute it is a disbeliever and will dwell in hell.