By: Zamzam Bayian

     Sometimes for one reason or another, we develop a keen desire to know the future. This keen desire may change to anxiety when we have problems in our life. Consequently, we look for a door of hope that will be opened for us in the future, changing our bitter circumstances to happiness.

     Sometimes, this desire takes the form of focusing on our dreams and trying to know their interpretations to give us a "why" to live, and endure our problems patiently.

     Some people for sincere intention or other reasons have made efforts to interpret dreams e.g. TV shows, and websites. One website for dream interpretation has written the following to present its mission:

Quick Interpretation of Dreams: We frequently dream, and our dreams may have or not have interpretations. This website gives quick interpretation of dreams for those who do not have books on interpretation of dreams or do not have time to look for trustworthy websites. Generally speaking, interpretation of dreams on this website are based on the correct principles of interpretation of dreams by Ibn Sirîn (The most famous scholar in this field, and to whom is attributed the most famous book on dream interpretation). We have not innovated these principles, and we hope that you benefit from this website.

     These TV shows and websites have become popular, which makes us ask ourselves this question: "Have people found solutions for all their real problems and the only issue they have not solved is knowledge of interpretation of their dreams?"

     Supposing that they have done so, what will be the interpretation of any dream? It definitely revolves around human needs, e.g. money, relationship, achieving goals…etc. If the interpretation of a dream, for instance, is that someone will gain some money or marry a particular person, does this piece of information deserve the efforts, and times spent to discover it?

     I do not belittle people's concerns, but I look at the picture from another angle. Will focusing on hard work, and benefiting  from every moment in our life bring us the sough goals, or spending great deal of our times on running behind the un-known future which will be unveiled at the proper time?  My point is that our life consists of moments, and filling these moments with productive efforts will bring positive results, not running behind the un-known future.

     Focusing on dreams may make us fall preys to fantasy. I was told about a girl who knew that the interpretation of her dream was that she would marry a prince. This girl kept on refusing all marriage proposals by ordinary men because she wanted to marry the prince. Her keen desire to marry the prince diverted her from being realistic and judging those who proposed to marry her according to their merits. Finally, the interpretation of the dream came true and the prince proposed to marry her, but for one reason or another he did not marry her. The poor girl misunderstood the interpretation of the dream, which was that a prince would propose to marry her, but it did not say that she would marry him.

     We may also fall preys to imposters. Such people may exploit our keen desire to know the future and do their best to gain as much as they can from us. Consequently, we will double our bitter circumstances by such thoughtless attempts.

     The interpretation of dreams may be true or wrong, and it is not wrong to try to know them. However, trying to know them must not dominate our life to the extent that it diverts us from productive efforts that will make our hopes come true.

     Moreover, it is not wrong to try to find ways whereby we can find means to bring calmness to our weary souls, but we should be alert not to resort to means that at the end become weapons to destroy our present and future.

     One way that helps us endure our sad present is to see it as a transitional stage in our life, or a bridge we should cross in order to reach to the bright future. Another way is to see such a period in our life as a test that polishes up our talents and without which our latent potential will never appear. We can think of whatever right means that will make us bear difficulties in our life patiently.

     I have adopted this motto to help me endure difficulties in my life patiently: "THIS SHALL PASS."

What is your motto?