Controversial Questions About Islam & Comments

Prepared by: Dr. Saeed Ismaeel Sini

What is the Punishment of Stealing a Valuable Thing?

     First of all, Allah says: {As for a male thief or a female thief cut off (from the wrist joint) their hands in recompense for what they committed, as a punishment from Allah.}([1]) Therefore, if an Islamic government implements this law, it is only doing its duty.

     Secondly, no government can afford not to enforce the laws chosen by the majority.

     Islam protects the basic necessities of humans: his life, his mind, his property, his honor, and his faith. A Companion([2]) reported that Prophet Muhammad said on the Day of Sacrifice:([3]) “’O, you people. What is this day?’ The pilgrims said: ‘It is a sacred day.’ He said: ‘What place is this?’ They said: ‘It is a sacred place.’ He said: ‘What month is it?’ They said: ‘It is a sacred month.’ He said: ‘Your life, your properties and your honor are as sacred as this place, this month, and this day.”’([4]) Therefore, transgressing against these things on purpose and intentionally deserves severe punishment that deters criminals from committing them. And theft terrorizes the community and also may cause homicide, either to facilitate the theft or in defending one’s property. However, there are very strict conditions to be fulfilled before carrying out the punishment. Therefore, this punishment is very rarely carried out, and few decades could pass without being executed.


[1] Holy Quraan, 5: 38

[2] A Companion is a Muslim male or a female who saw Prophet Muhammad in person.

[3] The Day of Sacrifice is the tenth day of the twelfth month according to the Islamic calendar, when pilgrims offer their sacrifices.

[4] al-Bukhari: Hajj.