Martinique (an island in the Caribbean Sea) Name of sender: (Withheld) - Martinique

I'm 16 years old and it's going to be 3 months old In Sha Allah I've converted to Islam, and I love religion so much I'd like to learn more about it. In Sha Allah, for the moment I learn religion as I can secretly on social networks or on the internet in sites that are reliable sources because my parents are not aware of my conversion but it will never be the same as learning religion with a book, that's why when I heard about your site that sends books on religion for free to help reconverted or non-Muslims I told myself Allahu Akbar and Al Hamdu Lilah there is always good people on land, I hope that you will understand me and that you accept me because by Allah I have no books for the moment and I cannot afford to buy them, I thank you already in advance or case where if you read my message In Sha Allah, that ALLAH Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala greatly rewards you for all that you do, AMIN. 

Name of sender: (Withheld)



Violeta - Chile

Asalamu alaikum I am Muslim since I was 14 years old now I am 33 and a beautiful family and I want teach my baby’s all about Islam this is the beautiful opportunity thank you.


Chelsey - Canada

Asalamu Alaikum iam a new Muslim. The city I live in has no types of Islamic stores, so I find it difficult to increase my Islamic knowledge. These books will benefit me greatly and increase my iman as well. Jazak Allah Khair you shall be rewarded Ameen.

Chelsey -  Canada

Moaz - Christmas Island

I am the Imam of the only mosque in Christmas Island which belongs to Australia. We are in a great need for books about Islam for Muslims and non- Muslims. Thank you very much



Becirovic - Serbia

اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ

مَاشَاءَ اللهُ،

 I have just received my shipment and may the Creator s.w.t. bless you and everyone that has been, and is working on this project in the name of Allah, sincerely. It means a lot to me, and, with Allah's permission, once I read these books, I will pass them on, so someone else can see some khayr in them. Once again, may Allah give you the best of both worlds, you and everyone who has made this project possible.

Becirovic – Serbia

Ashley - Belgium

As salam ou aleikum, this is amazing as the only revert in my family i'm happy i can now give some books to my mother and grandmother who speak french and spanish only! in shaa Allah I will receive the books and everyone wHo's in need of these receive them. Ameen may Allah bless you.

Ashley - Belgium

Daniel - United Kingdom


Thank you for this amazing opportunity to have this books in polish language so I can give them to my Mum and Dad. I have embraced Islam 8 years ago and I can't imagine my parents not being Muslims before they leave Dunnia.

I hope that this books will help them to understand the message of Islam

 Thank you


Daniel - United Kingdom


Mariliis - Estonia
I am catholic interested in Islam. I would like to get following free books. Mariliis - Estonia
Distinguished Request - Brazil

Hello, I would like to receive the Islamic books all in Portuguese, I am a new Muslim, I study a lot, because I know that knowledge is a light, and Islam is the way. I still do not have some things: like prayer mats, abayas and etc, here in Brazil it's very expensive for me. If you can help me, thanks. But just sending books, I will be extremely happy and satisfied! may Allah bless you every day for this. Salam, great job.

Maria - Brazil

Carlos - Poland

As salaamu alaikum Dr. Abdullah Abu-Eshy,

I have received the exceedingly kind present from the Abha Cooperative Center for Call and Communities. Barak Allah.

I would like to express my utmost gratitude to all the donors and volunteers who make the Abha Cooperative Center and the EDPr possible. I have been granted a great opportunity to find truth and increase in knowledge of the message of Allah through the Prophet (Alaihi As Salaam). I will make good use of it, InShaAllah.

Jazak Allah Khairan.