Anisha - United Kingdom

Through watching a YouTube video on recommend Islamic books.

It gives me true joy to learn about your website. I am an 18 year old Muslim trying to learn more about the beauty of Islam. So thank you. May Allah grant you Jannah.

Anisha – UK


Timothy - United States

I am struggling Muslim living in a small town where I am the only Muslim.. I converted to Islam but I dont have any help with increasing my knowledge of Deen so insha Allah these books can help me hopefully insha Allah . If you could please send me a couple qurans that I can learn from.

Timothy – USA

Jennifer - Canada

I really appreciate this service that you are providing . I am eager to learn about Islam and it's amazing that you are making it possible for people to have access to knowledge to help others discover the truth.

Jennifer – Canada

Milagro - Peru

Assalamu Alaikum I sincerely wish the holy book of Islam, because I need to learn how to be a better Muslim doing everything that God sends inshallah, to follow the teachings of the prophet, I am a Peruvian Muslim speaking a wonderful year ago, my life changed since I accepted Islam I feel blessed.

Al hamdu lillah. La ilaha illa Allah.

Milagro – Peru

Kimberly - United States

I embraced Islam 10 years ago but have lost my way for the last several years. I want to find my way back and I feel the beat way is to start from the beginning, remembering why I fell in love with Islam and the peace it brought me. May Allah reward you for these gifts you give.

Kimberly – USA


Ambria - United States

Alhamdulillah! Thank you so much for this website! I recently reverted to Islam and am SUPER excited to learn more about my religion. I believe the books that are provided through this website will do just that!

Ambria – USA

Sabrina - Netherlands

Salam alaikum,

Yesterday i received the books.. and already started reading. Thank you so very much for this wonderful gift. It's even more then I could imagine.

May this help me to finally find my way in islam and convert me in to this beautiful religion, which my partner and kids are already a part of.

May Allah reward you and everybody who made this possible with his blessings!!


Barbara - United States

Salam Alykum:

Thank you so much for gift of knowledge to Islam. It is greatly appreciated and will help me along my journey to converting to Islam. This is such a great project.

Thank you


Sarah - United Kingdom

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'aala reward you and your team immensely. Also if you want me to forward the books on after I have read them to another person I am happy to do this. I am very grateful.

I will also notify people about (the New Muslim Course) on your youtube. I have a large facebook platform of 100k members Alhamdulillah. Dont worry I will not advertise the free books as I wouldnt want 100 thousand people applying but if people are desparate for Quran in poorer countries then I can let them know if they ask InshaAllah. 


Monia - France

Assalamu alaikom My niece who’s got your books in English doesn’t stop talking to me about every book that she reads which really made me curious to know more about Islam and to read the books myself the problem is I can only fully understand books in French and she only got English versions. So I would love to receive the French version of the books that I’ve chosen. Jazakalahukhair for your efforts.