Sabrina - Netherlands

Salam alaikum,

Yesterday i received the books.. and already started reading. Thank you so very much for this wonderful gift. It's even more then I could imagine.

May this help me to finally find my way in islam and convert me in to this beautiful religion, which my partner and kids are already a part of.

May Allah reward you and everybody who made this possible with his blessings!!


Barbara - United States

Salam Alykum:

Thank you so much for gift of knowledge to Islam. It is greatly appreciated and will help me along my journey to converting to Islam. This is such a great project.

Thank you


Sarah - United Kingdom

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'aala reward you and your team immensely. Also if you want me to forward the books on after I have read them to another person I am happy to do this. I am very grateful.

I will also notify people about (the New Muslim Course) on your youtube. I have a large facebook platform of 100k members Alhamdulillah. Dont worry I will not advertise the free books as I wouldnt want 100 thousand people applying but if people are desparate for Quran in poorer countries then I can let them know if they ask InshaAllah. 


Monia - France

Assalamu alaikom My niece who’s got your books in English doesn’t stop talking to me about every book that she reads which really made me curious to know more about Islam and to read the books myself the problem is I can only fully understand books in French and she only got English versions. So I would love to receive the French version of the books that I’ve chosen. Jazakalahukhair for your efforts.


Savannah - New Zealand


If this site is true and does send books that is amazing. I have already reverted to Islam and wanting help with as much as possible. I hope to get the books soon.

Savannah - New Zealand

Christian - United States

I am someone who is very interested in Islam; I have begun reading my Quran and have enjoyed it so far - however the more specific parts of Islam such as the prayer and Arabic still seem very alien to me. I have lacked the courage to visit a Mosque or an Islamic center and I hope that these books/resources will give me the knowledge and confidence to introduce myself to the Muslim community and move forward in my religious journey.

Christian - USA 

Despina - Greece

Assalamu alaykum,

I'm Despina, a new convert from Athens, Greece. I received the books from your website a coupe of days ago and I'd like to express my gratitude. Your website has really helped me learn more about my new faith and the ebooks/books you provide us with have made things much clearer. Unfortunately, in Greece, there aren't many places someone can turn to when it comes to Islam so most of the sources I've found were online and in the english language. Your books were a life saver for me, especially since there are options in my native language so I can share them easier with friends/family.
Despina - Greece


Martinique (an island in the Caribbean Sea) Name of sender: (Withheld) - Martinique

I'm 16 years old and it's going to be 3 months old In Sha Allah I've converted to Islam, and I love religion so much I'd like to learn more about it. In Sha Allah, for the moment I learn religion as I can secretly on social networks or on the internet in sites that are reliable sources because my parents are not aware of my conversion but it will never be the same as learning religion with a book, that's why when I heard about your site that sends books on religion for free to help reconverted or non-Muslims I told myself Allahu Akbar and Al Hamdu Lilah there is always good people on land, I hope that you will understand me and that you accept me because by Allah I have no books for the moment and I cannot afford to buy them, I thank you already in advance or case where if you read my message In Sha Allah, that ALLAH Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala greatly rewards you for all that you do, AMIN. 

Name of sender: (Withheld)



Violeta - Chile

Asalamu alaikum I am Muslim since I was 14 years old now I am 33 and a beautiful family and I want teach my baby’s all about Islam this is the beautiful opportunity thank you.


Chelsey - Canada

Asalamu Alaikum iam a new Muslim. The city I live in has no types of Islamic stores, so I find it difficult to increase my Islamic knowledge. These books will benefit me greatly and increase my iman as well. Jazak Allah Khair you shall be rewarded Ameen.

Chelsey -  Canada