Zahid Khan - United States

Wa-alaikumus salam wa  rahmatullah wa barakatullah

I hope this email reaches you whilst being in the best state of Imaan (faith) and health. I begin with the best of beginnings by praising Allah the Glorious, the most High, and I invoke his peace and blessings upon Muhammed peace be upon him, his family, companions, and those who follow him in righteousness until the day of recompense. To proceed:

Alhamdolillah on Thursday i recieved the five ordered books. I gave those books to one of my new Muslim friend as a great demand for Islamic literature. Jazakumullah khair for sending them. I deeply appreciated the work that you are doing to enlighten the world about this deen i. e. Islam. May Allah give you more strength and ability to serve this this deen. Ameen.

Recently i purchased 120 qurans and around 70 books to distribute among Non Muslim's at my college [City College of New York.]. I plan to organize a two day "Distribute the Quran day" at my local college. So please make duaa for me and if there are any suggestions that you want to give me please don't hesitate to email me back.

Furthermore i would to offer my hand to assist you in spreading this deen. If there is any kind of help that you need in New York i am always available. You cannote doen my msn or yahoo. You can email me plus chat.

Zahid Khan - USA

Om Mohammed - Saudi Arabia

Assalamu alaikum.

It is heartrning that she still wants the books sent to spite of her parents' rejection of Islam.

I would suggest perhaps one of two potions:

1. sednd the books to her to the address she gives, but in a plain package, that as she requests, does not reval what is inside. make sure the return address of the Abha Communities Center reveals only that name...the Communities Center... not mentioning anything about Islam or dawa.

2. Respond to her before sending the books, to see if there is an alternae address (perhaps of a friend or teacher or someone who will be discreet and not reveal this to her parents) which the books requested can be sent. Then, that person could contact her when the books arrive, without her parents' knowledge.

I pray that she does recieved the requested books, and that all works out well with her.

Om Mohammed - Jeddah K.S.A.

Khadijah Sue - China

Dear Prof. Abdullah Abu-Eshy,


I am so glad to telling you that I had received a box of Islam books today in China. Alhamdulilah!

I really appreciated that you brother sent me those books. Since I am a new converted Muslim, I like to understand Islam more and find out more truth. I believed that those books are very informative for me and it must be the gift from Allah, since I never expect that I would really get those books. It was surprising me and I'm so happy.

I wonder if could still require for more books in future even it is by English. I haven't obstacle for English reading and I like everything about Islam. I like to learn more and more till I get closer and closer to Allah. That will be great if you tell me the answer.

Anyway, thank you so much brother.

Yours kindly,

Khadijah Sue - China

Karen Thomas - United States

I recently found the true religion of Islam and wish to say the Shahadah as soon as possible. I live in a small town and don"t know any Muslims. I have so many questions about prayer, proper dress, hajib, etc. Should I go to the mosque nearest my home? I have gone to an internet website called " Turn to Islam " and applied to join the public forum, but have not been OK"ed to post there. So many questions! I do thank you in advance for the books. They will help me very much. Tahnk you again,

Karen Thomas (Sister Kalena when I become a Muslim) - USA

Ade Wahyuni - Indonesia

Dear Prof. Abdullah Abu-Eshy


I am so happy to notify you that the books I have requested have been arrived on 25.10.2010 to my address.

I would like to thank to Abha Communities Cener, Admin of, Prof. Abdullah Abu-Eshy, and the benevolent donors who paid the cost both the books and their shipment. The books are very useful to develop my insight and knowledge about Islam, hopefully I can practice the truths that are in the books, and I will try to share the truths in the books to other Muslims in Indonesia. That is very interesting reading books from authors outside of my country, and I think they have advantages in terms of the data presented, the use of language, and layout of the book.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Yours truly,

Ade Wahyuni - Indonesia

Dania - United States

Assalamu alaikum,

I want to inform you that I have recieved my books today. Alhamdulillah, I am so so very happy with this service - not only does my packet contain the five books I had ordered, but it also has two more extra books. MashaAllah , this service is great. May Allah reward you and your team for this service you provide to muslims and non muslims alike. Insha allah, these books will help me do dawah, and I will take them to my workplace and put them on my desk incase someone else, maybe a non muslim, wants to read them,

Please remember me in your duas.

JazakaAllahu Khair,

Your sister in Islam,

Dania - USA

Jaqui - United States

Prof. Abdullah Abu-Eshy,

Shukran! I recieved my books today and I'am so excited to continue exploring the wonderful world of Islam and the beautiful language of Arabic! =D

Do you know any places or websites that I could find a full Qur'an in Arabic text but also with the English underneat each line? I'm learning Arabic, but I'd love to have it in both. I'm also interested in obtaining a Bible in Arabic.... if you know of any good websites, I would truly appreciated it!

Thank you again for the books

Allah hapiz

Jaqui - USA

Svelia Ilieva - Belgium

As Salam wa alatkom rahmatoe illahi wa barakaoehe

I'm so gratefull for recieving these books !!! Mashallah!!! You people are great!!! I thought I wouldn't get them because of my mistake in filling in the asres. Subhanallah... I went to get them at the office.

Do you have a bank account number?? Maybe I can donate some zakat, that way other people can have free books too !!! Insha'Allah.


Svelia Ilieva - Belguim

Zahirah Hempill - United States

As Salaam Alaikom I am writing to inform you that I have recieved the package of books yesterday 9/7/02. I envelope they were sent in was ripped open and basically destroyed but all of the contents were in fact. My mother believes that it happen by accident through the mailing process. I believe they liiked at the address saw it was coming from Saudi Arabia and wanted to know what was inside. Despite all else the books are wonderful Alhamdulillah. I intend to spread Was SAlaam 

Zahirah Hempill - USA

Finn - United Kingdom

My mum threw away my book. I was devastated. only a week later she realised how awful that was, she turened way from christianity that day and decided to become muslim, thank you so much for helping us with books. we have felt so lost.

Finn - UK