Finn - United Kingdom

Greetings. I am a new Muslim. While I have not yet officially converted, I would love to walk down this road of peace, and I love how you are glorifying Allah by helping to bring forth teachings. Peace be upon you,

Finn - UK

Zakri - United States

I am a 21 year old recent convert. I have been trying to learn as much about it as possible, so I can practice it as a way of life.

Zakri - United States

Jennifer Brown - United States

Please rush these! I am so eager to learn about islam, and becoming a Muslim! Thank you

Jennifer Brown - USA

Vicky - United Kingdom


I am emailing to say thank you for the books which i have recieved. They have been of great benefit to me and all the knowledge i have gained i accepted islam. Alhamdulilah.

Again thank you for helping me in making that vital lifechanging decision.


Vicky - UK

Shahada Nicole - United States

Assalamu Alaikom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh, I am a revert to Islam Al7aamdulillah, and I thank you so much for this service. My only available Qur"an is at local library and online ( I can"t always drive there or use internet). May Allah Subhana wa ta"ala reward you for your deeds and offerings of learning the Deen. Ameen

Shahada Nicole - USA

McEldon - United States

Waalaikum salam warahmatullahiwabarakatuh.

We have recieved the books, Alhamdulillah. We're sorry for the late reply, since the this email was found in spam before.

Thank you so much.


McEldon - USA

Dee S - United Kingdom

Assalamu allaukom wa rahmatulahu wa barakatuh

i just would to to notify that i have recieved the islamic books that i ordered a few weeks back.

Jazaka'allah khair for the Islamic books, May Allah reward all the brothers and sisters that are involved in this project=))

Wa Allaykom Assalam wa rahmatulahu wa barakatuh

Dee S - UK

Bushra - South Africa

salaamu alaikom

alhamdulillah i am privileged to inform you about the books i have recieved, jazakallah khair 4 you gr8 work and thanx so much, really apprecuated.

Bushra - South Africa

Sheyla Boscana - United States

Assalamu Alaikom,

I am writing to say that I recieved the books today and will be begin reeading them as soon as this email is sent. I nave been studying Islam for a long time and hope to convert before the end of the year. Your books will help a lot with both my studies and my conversion. Thank you very much.

Your truly,

Sheyla Boscana - USA

Issa Issa - United Kingdom

My wife just convert to Islam she liik for DVD which show how to pray if you have any idea please email me where i can found it. my original she is british and she come from the family where they never talk about Islam so she need to have a DVD and some books for beginner am trying to teach her but she need to learn more than.

Issa Issa - UK