Sheyla Boscana - United States

Assalamu Alaikum,

 I am writing to say that I recieved the books today and will be begin reading them as soon as this email is sent. I have been studying Islam for a long time and hope to convert before the end of the year. Your books will help a lot with both my studies and my conversion. Thank You very much.
Yours truly,
 Sheyla Boscana
P.S. I must find some Pure Ceylon Black Tea!..the box you entered the books in smells like it and it smells incredible!! I cannot stop smelling it! =)
Again, thankyou!!


Amira - United Arab Emirates

Dear Professor Abu-Eshy,


Aleikum al Salaam


Yes, I received them and they were lovely. Many thanks. 
What a great service, masha'Allah.

I feel a little guilty that they are free, and I am a Muslim, though.

Can I donate for more books for new Muslims, perhaps?


Jazzakum Allah Khair, insha'Allah

Amira – UAE

Shaik.Khasimvali - India

assalamvallaikum sir.
                               i received the books from you.i am very thankful to you to sent the books to me.sir we in our university campus arranged one room for our prayers,i kept the books in our prayer hall.all our student brothers are reading the books.whenever we required any books we must be corresponds u sir,we hope you will be help us.allah hafeez sir.

   shaik.khasimvali, - India

Aman Bilal - India

dear Sir,
              Assalamu Alaikum,

        I am very much thankfull to you for sending me those most valueable books.I have reccieved them safely. I am gainang lot of information from those books which inturn helped me to propagate I slamic realism to my non muslims classmates.



Aman Bilal – India

Rick Winner - United States

Dear Brother - 
May Allah Bless you for the help you have given me with the books which you sent me.  They arrived today.  Thank you ever so much for your kindness and support in my effort in understanding the Islamic faith and coming closer to Allah.
Peace be upon you -
Rick Winner – USA

Enviado desde - Panama


Assalam alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

I received the books I requested 
I apologize i haven't write before 
I want to thank you for your kind may Allah swt reward you and bless all make this possible

Barakalahu feek 
Enviado desde mi terminal BlackBerry® de Digicel – Panama


Ali - Japan

Thank you.


I have received the books few days ago. May Allah bless you!


Ali – Japan

Tanya Johnson - United States

assalaamu alaikum

thank you so much i recieved it today actually..

very much appreciate



Tanya Johnson – USA

Dr. Tauseef - India

ASLAMUALAIKUM sir im from kashmir JAZAKALLAH khair for the books you have sent to me im highly obliged may ALLAH REWARD YOU AND PROTECT YOU in abha and help you in your efforts to spread ISLAM all around the world aamen your in the service of islam

Dr. Tauseef – India

Dr. Pamela Heath -

As-salaamu ‘alaykum.

Is there a limit to the number of times the same person can use this service, or order the same book, etc.?  For example, if I got a good book from you and I gave it to someone else, can I get it again?  Or several copies to share?  Do you keep records of names, addresses, or e-mail addresses to prevent anyone from doing that?  I could refer others to your site/address, but sometimes it’s better to give away the book one has on hand…

Jazakum Allahu khayran with this service.


Dr. Pamela Heath –