Maria Stojkowitz - Serbia

Salam aAlaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,
I would like to acknowledge the receipt of the parcel which consists of 7 books ,from Dr Professor Abu Eshy from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,(ABHA Organisation,,yesterday evening.
Thank you for your kind donation for improving my islamic eduvation.

Maria Stojkowitz  - Belgrade,Serbia.

Patricia Davidson - United States

Wa As'salam Alaikum Brother, 

I received the books today, I am very pleased. :)

Patricia Davidson  - USA          

Samra Sinanovic - Bosnia and Herzegovina


I got your books. May Allah give you all the best insAllah !!!!

Samra Sinanovic – Bosnia & Herzegovina

Fihrin Zuhrufillah - Indonesia

Dear brother/sister,

Alhamdulillah, i'm so grateful to have such a helpful website like
Thank you very much for the notification, even though i haven't received the shipped books, only Allah knows how happy i am :) and may Allah repay your deeds with the very best from His side...

InshaAllah i will notify as soon as the books have arrived.

Jazakumullah khairan katsiran

Best regards from a sister from Indonesia :),

Fihrin Zuhrufillah – Indonesia

Siter Maria - United States

salamalikom. i have recieved my books thank you so much.

one experience i woukld like to share with you is a story about my new best friend. i had just began my new job at the airport . i had recently taken  on the hijab and was taking a break from my training. my new boss was pregnant at the time and wanted to get something to eat. i walked with her to the restaurant , while we were waiting for her food a girl behind the counter asked me how i felt to be a muslim and an american. i told her i felt great and even more respected now as a muslim than i was before. she said she had been trying to learn but there was noone to teach her except some men there at her job and their english wasnt good enough to explain her questions. i went back to my job and wrote some sites as well as the prayers down for her since it is what she had the most questions about. she was so surprised that i showed up at the end of my shift with a few papers about islam. a week or so later i went to visit her again and she was so happy to see me. i brought her some of the books i had at home. mostly ones i had gotten off of your website when i was studying as a christian. within a few weeks we had become good friends she purchased a quran and took it to work daily. one day she was almost in tears she told me she wanted to be muslim so bad but noone would tell her how she could become muslim. i told her she had to say the shahaddah . she was again concerned she couldnt do it because she didnt have any witnesses. i did my research before i became muslim and read you dont need a witness that it is between you and God. telling her this on a friday she was overjoyed. and by monday she had donned the hijab. she had been studying for a while and just needed a little help. now she is happily married to a good muslim man and is trying very hard to learn many surahs. she went from a very depressed abused wife who had went through divorce to a happy muslimah full of faith and confidence. i spent so many stressful hours watching her  tears about how sad she was and how she just wanted to feel safe again. ill admit it was very hard for me to deal with her everyday but the more she learned the better off she became. she no longer works at the airport but calls everyday and she and her husband spend alot of time with me and mine. i pray God rewards her for her stregnth. she was the first person i helped come to islam. now both of us together are trying to bring more ladies to islam inchallah. Have a blessed ramadan thankyou for reading my story. 


Siter Maria – USA


Yang amat saya hormati DR. ABDULLAH ABU-ESHY
P.O. Box 12002, Abha 61321 

Assalamu'laikum Wr. Wb.

Perkenalkan, saya RUSLI K. ISKANDAR, salah seorang dosen Fakultas Hukum Universitas Islam Bandung, sekarang sedang mengikuti program Doktor (S3), dengan topik disertasi mengenai isu kontemporer di dunia Islam yakni mengenai kedaulatan rakyat dan demokrasi. Saya hendak melihat kedua masalah itu bukan hanya dari sisi konsep barat dan knsep umum, tapi juga dari sisi Islam, yang ternyata dalam beberapa informasi, telah banyak penulis Islam yang membahas dan menulis topik di atas. Di samping itu, materi ini juga telah menjadi bagian dari silabi mata kuliah hukum tata negara, khususnya materi mengenai konstitusi, HAM, dan demokrasi.
Untuk itu, dengan segala kerendahan hati saya mengajukan permohonan bantuan literatur mengenai kedua isu kontemporer di atas. Literbatur tersebut sangat saya perlukan, baik sebagai bahan penulisan disertasi, juga sebagai bahan standar materi-materi itu dalam perkuliahan reguler.
Atas perhatian dan perkenan al-Ustad, saya haturkan Jazakumullahu Khoiron Katsiro.
Terima kasih.

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.


Adam - United States

Thank you for sending the books on Islam to me. I received them about a week ago so sorry for not replying sooner but I have almost read them all. They have been very useful. Please thank the donors if possible and tell them that their gifts will definitely not go to waste.

Thanks again,
Adam – USA

Sr Seema Khan - United Kingdom

Assalamu alaikum,
I have just noticed that you requested me to inform you of the stage i am at in my search for truth.
So here goes.
I have been a muslim for twenty years.
I was born in wales to an atheist father and  a Jehovas witness mother.
I had been a Jehovas witness and found too many discrepancies which made me leave their organisation.
I was so disappointed in my search that I decided to turn my back on religion. This led me to walk a very lonely path with  a feeling of emptiness.
I then met my husband ( who wasn't practising his belief ). 
We married and i was told to take my shahada.
I did nothing  about finding out  about islam for ten years.
when i finally started to look into islam properly i cried because i didn't realise it was under my nose all that time . The more i read the more i could see it was what i had been looking for. Everything made sense to me. But on my journey i had no support from muslims  and when i asked someone what  a rakat was , i was told to look in books and was dismissed by this muslim.  When i asked if my sons could go to mosque i was told "oh no it is not for the likes of you". So this left me searching  and learning by my self . I taught my self to read  Arabic  and  and to pray. This is something that Allah allowed me to experience because i am now able to teach other reverts  and not allow them to be in the same situation i was in. I don't blame these muslims for not wanting to help me because  at that time i was smoking  and didn't look much like i would be interested in islam. I now help anyone that has an interest in islam  and also  reverts that need help. Allah has given me the honour of having seventeen sisters to teach and the number is growing. I have also had the great privilege of helping six people to take their shahada and  have three people in my classes that are interested in islam. I must also add that i eventually got help from a sister who  taught me tajweed, which helped me to correct  my reading. 
Sr Seema Khan  - UK


Jazakullah khar for the nice surprise I received in the post today. These things will prove to be invaluable to both myself and the revert sisters that i help and teach. May Allah reward you, and the benevolent donors. I have already introduced the sisters to the cd that you sent me for the salat . I am sure that whatever benefit these sisters receive , Allah will reward you all in this life  and the next inshalah. I am currently trying to learn the language of Arabic and what ever I learn I pass on to the other revert sisters. so once again I would like to say thank you for the kind gift received today. This is of great help to me and the other sisters that I help.
Sr Seema Khan – UK

 Ovidiu Munteano - Romania

Bismilah! First of all, i'm not such a good speaker of english, so excuse my grammar mistakes. I want to thank you for your books that you send to my adress (Vaslui - Romania, Str. Smirdan bl 177, Sc A, et. 4, apt. 1 postal cod 7300679 - i wrote the adress in case you need for confirmation). It was soo nice of you and my words can't express  what i feel when i see at the postal office those books. My name is Ovidiu Munteanu(my muslim name is Omar Nuh) and i'm 31 years. I live in a little town from Romania in north-east of the country and i'm a journalist here. I'm muslim since 1996 but first time i enter in a mosque in 2004. In thise region are very few muslim, in fact, in my town,  maybe (and Allah knows best) i'm the only one muslim. I never meat another. A big town at 60 kilometres from here  has a mosque  and there are some brother arabs students. The town is called Iasi, and they come to study there. There are some romanians who turn to islam too. Anyway, here, in my town, i'm very alone( i'm not married because no girl want to be with a muslim, they think that i'm little crazy, :))   ) and your books  were a sign from Allah that we, muslims, never forget ourselfs.  I cryed then and my soul was very content and full of emotions. I thank you to brother Dr. Abu-Eshy. I pray for you all from that Center and Allah maybe will be mercyful with us and we go all in His Haven! This is my mail adress and any brother who wants to speak with me i will be very happy to respond Sometimes a word send make much more that all the treasures in the world. I sent a picture with books to see how i'm happy now. 

 Ovidiu Munteano – Romania

Ghent - Belgium

Salaam aleikoum dear brother or sister, 
Today I have received the package with books and a dvd for prayer. 
I want to express my sincere gratitude to you. 
I am a new convert, I did my shahada 18 shawal 1429 (last october). This is my first Ramadan. 
I have to say that doing ramadan for a westerner is not so easy. I suffer from headaches and moodswings a lot. 
Tonight, I decided not to fast today, altough I have no real reason, I just tought being 'soft' with myself and forgive myself to skip one single day. 
Soubhannallah! Just today i receive your package by post. 
I could almost cry. May Allah forgive my weakness. I am sure the literature will give me a new boost to continue insha Allah. 
The literature seems very very interesting and please send many thanks to the donors. Your dawa work is very important for us here in Europe. 
We all know the truth will win eventually, but media brainwashes our environment, our parents and employers. They all think Islam is something to be defeated. 
Hamdullilah I have found this religion, or Hamdullilah Allah found me. 
I'm sure many more converts will follow, this is just the beginning of a real exciting adventure for islam in Europe. 
Before islam i suffered depression a lot. We in Europe have lost our knowledge of why we are on earth. Which is to Worship God. 
Instead, europe worships money, and values the opinion of our fellow money-worshippers. Europeans have no idea to what extent they are slaves to themselfs and their nafs, instead of being a servant of God. What a freedom! I wish all of them will discover Islamic way of being. 
Again, thank you sooo much for all literature, I am sure I have a while to go with your books. I'll start today reading them! Please don't forget me in case of new books or dawa material. We need all the knowledge available because it is really not easy for us here. Myself, I lost my job because of my conversion to Islam. I have three master degrees! I am looking for a job now but I want to work with Hijaab. I hope Allah helps me. Hijra seems expensive now but I really pray for this. Please do dua for many more like me who suffer the same rejection from our society!
Machallah for all donaters. May Allah keep guiding and protecting you and I wish all of you a Ramadan Moubarak and happy eid insha Allah!
Karen-Majida Nateche-Castryck
Ghent, Belgium.