Magdalena Krzyzaniak - United Kingdom

Salaam, can you please sedn he books in some sort of a package that doest reveal what is inside? in a revert and i still live with my parents, they know nothing about it, i dont want them to kick me out when they find out... thank you..

Magdalena Krzyzaniak - UK

Tara N. - United States

Dear Sir (s),

I received the packet of booklets today, and I just wanted to send a note tolet you know, I received them. Thank you so much. And Allah (God bless you) I really appreciate this reading material and hope to put it to good use.


Tara N. - USA

Sadiq Lawrence - United States

Asssalamu Alaikum,

I received the books today. Thank you very much. They will help me build my deen. I didn't expect the learning Arabic cd's. I will be trying very hard to learn Arabic. Thanks again.


Sadiq Lawrence - USA

Jim Byer - United States

Daer Prof. Abdullah Abu-Eshay,

The books I requested arrivd today; I look forward to learning from them. Thak you!


Jim Byer - USA

Besmir Sharka - Italy

Assalamu alaykum dear brother Dr. A. Abu-Eshy,

I just took the books that you sent to me, on 10/11/2010

Barakallahu fikh for this books.

May Allah help you and the benevolent brothers,

Besmir Sharka - Italy

Asalamu alaykom

Petone - United States

Assalam alaikom,

I eceived my free books in the mail yesterday, October 23. 

Thank you so much. You will never know what a blessing this materials is to me, the new revert.

The generosity of your donors is much appreciated!

Thank you again,


Petone - USA


Sjoukje - Netherlands

Salam alaikum'

I wanted to let you know that my husband and I have both received your books (Sjoukje Nijboer And Adelghafor Abourabih). Thank you very much for this books. May Allah reward you for it.

Wa salam

Sjoukje - The Netherlands

Jodi - United States

Thank you very much for the books I recieved. I am truly greatful and I can't wait to read them all learn all I can as I begin my journey into Islam. Thank You,

Jodi - USA

Fatma - Kenya

Assalamu Alaikom Prof. Abdullah Abu-Eshy,

Shukran for all that your organization is doing for educating the ummah. Insha-Allah will inform you when I will have recieved the books.

Jazakumu-llah Alf Khair.


Fatma - Kenya

Sister Amanda - United States

Assalamu alaykum wa ramatullah wa barakatu, 

Jazakallah khair for the books, I got them this morning and already began to read them! 
I cannot say THANK YOU enough, from the bottom of my heart! 

I am a revert to Islam, and insha'Allah my family will take turns reading these books and not only understand my choice but also revert themselves, Insha'Allah. 

May Allah (subhan wa ta'ala) reward you all in this life & the Hereafter for this amazing deed you're doing, 

- Sister Amanda in America